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Darts Live Streams

Darts Live Streams

The thrilling game where grown adults throw tiny pointed objects at a circular target on a wall. It's like archery, except without all the fresh air and physical activity.

In darts, players take turns trying to hit the bullseye (which is worth 50 points) or other numbered sections of the board. The closer to the center you get, the more points you score. The game is won by whoever reaches zero points first, subtracting their scores from a starting total of 501. It's a test of precision, finesse, and most importantly, the ability to hold your alcohol. Because let's be real, darts and pubs go hand in hand.

But the real fun in darts comes from the creative (and often ridiculous) nicknames that players give themselves. You've got "The Crafty Cockney," "The Mexican Muscle," and "The Purple Puma," just to name a few


How to watch Darts online

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Here are a few major darts events and live streams

- The PDC World Darts Championship live streams: This is the biggest event on the darts calendar, featuring the best players from around the world competing for the coveted Sid Waddell Trophy. Named after the legendary darts commentator, the trophy is said to be made from solid gold and the tears of defeated players. 

- The Premier League Darts live streams: This is a weekly league event featuring the top players in the world. It's kind of like the English Premier League, except instead of footballers, you have darts players. And instead of a giant trophy, you have a giant championship belt.

- The World Darts Matchplay live streams: This is a prestigious event held in Blackpool, England, featuring the top 32 players in the world. It's like the Wimbledon of darts, except without all the fancy strawberries and cream. Just lots of pint-swilling and cheering.


Darts main broadcasters:

- Sky Sports: This network broadcasts a wide range of darts events, including the PDC World Championship live streams and the Premier League live streams.

- BBC: In the United Kingdom, the BBC broadcasts the BDO World Championship live streams and other darts events.

- RTL7: This network broadcasts darts events in the Netherlands, including the PDC World Championship live streams and the Premier League live streams.

- Fox Sports: This network broadcasts darts events in the United States, including the PDC World Championship live streams and the Premier League live streams.

In addition to these networks, many darts games are also streamed live on the internet through platforms such as the PDC's streaming service (PDC TV) and Sky Sports' streaming service (Sky Go).