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Handball might not be the most popular sport in the USA, but Europeans love it. Every game is packed with constant action, fast-paced play, and incredible intensity. Because of that, games end in high scores, with goals coming in every minute and from every angle. All of that makes handball one of the most thrilling sports to watch. Each game attracts thousands of fans cheering for their favorite team in the arena, with millions more in front of their TVs, computers, and smartphones watching the game remotely. But while major TV stations in Europe widely broadcast all handball matches, the case isn't the same in the US. The only way to watch a game is to stream it online. Finding the right website, however, might be a challenging task. Many live streams are unstable and lack quality, making watching sports a terrible experience. What's worse, subscriptions at official streaming platforms are usually expensive. And paying for a couple of different accounts to watch games can't be called a budget-friendly option. If you're looking for a way to see multiple competitions in one place but don't want to spend your money on cable, we've got you covered. On NewEraStreams, you'll find all competitions you wish to watch in just one subscription package. We stream everything from basketball, baseball, soccer, NFL, and yes, handball. What's more, with our available app, you'll be able to stream any sport you want, on any device you like, whenever and wherever you wish.

How to watch Handball online

Thanks to NewEraStreams, streaming sports has never been easier. All you need to do is set up an account, pick the subscription that suits you best, sit back, and enjoy. Creating an account takes no more than a minute, and it will give you access to every competition you want to see live. Once you're all set up, it's time to pick the right competition on the toolbar. After you select the sport that interests you, you'll find the list of available games. Click on the match you wish to watch, choose the stream, and enjoy. All our streams are reliable and high-quality, allowing you to watch sports without disruptions and worries. You can even share your thoughts on the game with thousands of other users who've chosen NewEraStreams as their live streaming source. And don't forget to check out our app.

Competitions to Watch

Handball is a fantastic sport, and each game brings a lot of emotion and high intensity. Some competitions, however, are much more fierce and intense than others. And since handball is incredibly popular in Europe, it's the Old Continent with the best leagues. They're all associated with the European Handball Federation (EHF). The EHF organizes both men's and women's tournaments, as well as beach and wheelchair handball competitions. The best men's European handball leagues include:

  • German Bundesliga
  • French Division 1
  • Spanish Liga Asobal
  • Danish Handball League

However, the most recognizable European handball competition is the EHF Champions League. When it comes to international handball competitions, the most famous ones include the IHF World Championships and, of course, the Olympic Games.

EHF Champions League

The EHF Champions League is a handball equivalent of the UEFA Champions League in football. It means it's the cup tournament that involves only the best teams of Europe's top handball leagues. The stake is high, as the winner is crowned as the best team on the continent. At first, teams play against each other in eight groups of four, from which the top two qualify for the knockout stage. The most titled team is Barcelona, which holds the record with 8 EHF Champions League finals. With the high intensity of matches, the Champions League is a competition worth streaming live, and you will find it on NewEraStreams.

European Handball Championships

But leagues are not everything. National teams also have to play from time to time to determine which one's best. In Europe, countries compete in the European Handball Championships. Besides winning the best European team's title, the competition also serves as a qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games and World Championships. Sweden holds the record for most titles with four Championships won. The second is France with three.

World Championships

The International Handball Federation (IHF) organizes the World Championships every two years. It's the most prestigious world tournament next to the Olympic Games, and winning it is the dream of every country's national handball team. After all, who wouldn't like to be a world champion? However, to participate, each national team has to go through the qualifying stage. The games are played worldwide, but the Championships itself always has a tournament country host. The most decorated team in France, with six titles, won up to date. It's followed by Sweden and Romania, both with four gold medals.

Olympic Games

Representing your country in the World Championships is incredibly prestigious, no questions asked. However, when it comes to prestige, nothing comes close to the Olympic Games. No matter the sport, every athlete dreams of participating in the world's most famous sports event. Handball players are lucky enough to have the chance of representing their countries at the Olympics. Firstly introduced in 1972 in Germany (indoor form), handball has been one of the best Olympic competitions to watch. The most decorated team is France with four medals: two gold, one silver, and brown.

Interesting Handball Facts

  1. FC Barcelona has won the most EHF Champions League cups - 9. The second VFL Gummersbach has 5 titles.
  2. Island holds the record for most goals scored in a single World Championships game, with 55 against Australia in 2003.
  3. Handball is mainly played in Europe, although the sport is also incredibly popular in India
  4. Thierry Omayer (France) is the most successful player in the World Championships, with seven medals, won throughout his career (5 gold and 2 bronze).
  5. Field handball was first introduced at the 1936 Olympic Games held in Munich. At the 1952 Summer Olympics, handball was just a demonstration sport. The game we all know today (indoor) has been played at the Olympics since 1972, with women joining in 1976.


Handball main broadcasters:

Some of the main broadcasters of handball include:

- EuroSport: This network broadcasts various handball events, including the European Handball Federation (EHF) Champions League and the EHF European League.

- beIN Sports: This network broadcasts handball events from a variety of leagues and tournaments, including the International Handball Federation (IHF) World Championship and the Olympic Games.

- NBC Sports: In the United States, NBC Sports broadcasts a range of handball events, including the IHF World Championship and the Olympic Games.

- ESPN: This network also broadcasts handball events in the United States, including the IHF World Championship and the Olympic Games.

In addition to these networks, many handball games are also streamed live on the internet through platforms such as ESPN+ and Eurosport Player.