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Rugby is one of the two great British sports to have come out of the English educational system, with the other one being, of course, football (soccer). Said to have originated in 1823 at the Rugby School in Warwickshire during a football match gone awry, the sport has managed to gain quite some popularity in countries all around the world, not to mention the fact that some of the variations on its rules became wildly popular on their own! Even though it has never amassed the worldwide following that is enjoyed by football, it still attracts millions of fans around the world. Countries like South Africa and New Zealand are famous for being rugby powerhouses, with their national teams regularly competing for the highest honors at the Rugby World Cup. As one of the most brutal and unforgiving sports on the face of the planet, rugby's become somewhat controversial among health professionals due to its link to CTE. This degenerative brain disease is said to be a direct effect of head trauma caused by the long-term playing of rugby or its derivatives, such as American football or Australian rules football. The sheer brutality and high stakes of the game, however, also make it extra exciting to watch! If you're a rugby fan searching for a good platform to stream live games of your favorite Rugby Union or Rugby League teams or a complete rookie who's looking to understand the rules to get in on the action, you've come to the right place! Our beginner's guide will provide you with all the basic information to get you started, as well as point you toward the best live-streaming service to satisfy all of your sports needs! Here on NewEraStreams, you will find our brief guide to rugby, and information you're looking for, and more!

Rugby Live Stream: Where to Watch and Other Tips

If you live outside of the countries where rugby is considered to be one of the more popular sports, it may be tough to watch rugby live on TV, even on some of the more specialized sports channels. Thankfully, we live in the age of high-speed internet connections and nearly flawless live-streaming technologies. If you know where to look, you'll be able to find sites with free, high-quality live streams of rugby matches online, regardless of your geographical location. NewEraStreams is one of such websites. Not only do we offer live streaming of World Cup games and other high-profile tournaments such as the European Rugby Champions Cup, but you can also find a stream for nearly every national league game on any given day. Even if your TV network offers limited coverage of the British Premiership Rugby, it might not cover all matches played by your favorite team simply because of a lower profile of certain fixtures. In these instances, you can be almost certain of catching a stream of such a game on NewEraStreams! Admittedly, due to the tournament's high popularity, free live World Cup streaming is bound to come with certain lags and glitches, which is why you can also find more exclusive premium options on our The same goes for some of the Premiership Rugby matches. Fewer viewers mean a lower chance of delays! Finally, if English isn't your native language and you'd like the match commentators to narrate the games in your mother tongue, a good alternative for you would be to register for a premium network-based live streaming service from your country. Most major networks offer VOD apps where you can not only click through live TV channels just like you would do on your television set but also stream online sports events and matches that aren't available anywhere else. The drawback? These types of services are almost never free. Most of the time, you will have to pay quite a sum for the ability to access every rugby stream and sports channel.

A Brief History of Rugby

As we already mentioned earlier in this article, the beginnings of rugby as an official sport date back to the early 19th century, when, during a football match, one of the students decided to pick up the ball in his hands and run toward the goal with it, as the rest of the boys chased after him. Although this fateful football match probably never happened and is more of a romanticized version of events, there is no denying that the game originated in the 1800s at a boarding school in Warwickshire. In reality, rugby rules were probably conceived by a few physical education teachers and their pupils. Interestingly enough, this "creation myth" has become so engraved in the history of this sport that the Rugby World Cup trophy was named after William Webb Ellis, the student who allegedly picked the ball up in rebellion against the restrictive nature of football. Much like in the case of the apple that allegedly fell on Sir Isaac Newton's head, giving rise to his discovery of gravity, the made-up version of events is so cleverly conceived that everybody just refuses to acknowledge its fakeness. In 1863, a wider group of boarding schools agreed upon rugby's rulebook, and the Rugby Football Union was finally formed in 1871. Although the first international match (England vs Scotland) was played that same year, the first Rugby World Cup was hosted over one hundred years later, in 1987, in Australia and New Zealand. Coincidentally, the same year marks the foundation of Premiership Rugby, the most popular national league. Fans had to wait until 1995 for the Champions Cup, the first continent-wide club tournament.

Rugby Rules

Ever since rugby's "great split" in 1895, the sport has been divided into two schools: rugby union and rugby league. The rules are too similar to be laid out separately, albeit with one important distinction you should know: rugby union games are played with 15 players a side, whereas rugby league rules allow 13 rugbyists per team. Each rugby match is split into two 40-minute-long halves, with a short break in between. The match starts with a dropkick from the halfway line. It's important to know that this first kick needs to propel the ball at least 10 meters forward. Otherwise, it has to be repeated, or the teams can request a "scrum", which is a situation where all the players on the field pack closely together with heads down and try to get possession of the ball. The most important rule is the one prohibiting the ball from being passed forward. This means that teammates can only throw it backward or sideways across the field. The only way to get it to the front is to run with it or kick it across the opposition's goal line to score a point. Tackling is the most straightforward and common way of attempting to take the ball away from an opponent. It is done by wrapping your arms around the player and forcing him to the ground. Any other form of bringing another rugbyist down, such as tripping, punching, or otherwise hitting the opponent is strictly prohibited. Although there are quite a few other rules to rugby than that, these are the basic fundamentals you should know so as not to get too confused when watching rugby live.

The Bottom Line: Important Tournaments and Leagues

Knowing where to find the best rugby live stream online won't help you much if you don't know which games you should watch and what teams to follow. When it comes to the most prestigious tournaments, the Rugby World Cup definitely takes the cake. It takes place every four years, and it is a true holiday period for any rugby fan. Aside from England and Scotland, you should keep an eye on New Zealand and South Africa as the national teams that might go for the trophy. The next tournament is scheduled for 2023, so you'll still need to wait a while before you tune in for one of the World Cup live streaming events. What should you watch in the meantime? The Premiership Rugby is by far the most-followed club competition in the world, with the biggest frequency of games. Of course, there's also the Rugby Champions Cup, which is the equivalent of football's UEFA Champions League. Both of these events happen on an annual basis, giving you the opportunity for streaming more rugby games than you can watch!


Rugby main broadcasters:

Rugby is a popular sport that is broadcast on a variety of television networks and streaming platforms around the world. Some of the main broadcasters of rugby include:

- Sky Sports: This network broadcasts a wide range of rugby events, including the Six Nations Championship live streams and the Gallagher Premiership live streams.

- SuperSport: This network broadcasts a range of rugby events in Africa, including the Rugby Championship live streams and Super Rugby live streams.

- NBC Sports: In the United States, NBC Sports broadcasts a range of rugby events, including the Rugby World Cup live streams and the Six Nations Championship live streams.

- ESPN: This network also broadcasts rugby events in the United States, including the Rugby World Cup live streams and the Six Nations Championship live streams.

In addition to these networks, many rugby games are also streamed live on the internet through platforms such as ESPN+ and RugbyPass.